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Phil Jackson is not the most succesful coach in sports history

Phil Jackson Interview Part I

Phil Jackson Interview Part II

Real Sports on HBO Touts that Phil Jackson is the most successful head coach in all of sports history.

Not the case, Sir ALex Ferguson holds that honor!

Sir Alex Stats: Winning Record


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It’s easy to see why Germany and Spain are favorites to win Euro Cup 2012.

Team continuity is a big part of the beautiful game and helps secure wins on an international stage. Players that understand each other on the pitch have a tremendous advantage, that goes for any team in any sport. Most of the German and Spanish players play together throughout the year and it shows in Euro Cup 2012.

I will let you come up with your own conclusion why the United States National Soccer team continue to struggle.

The United States Needs to Adopt the FA Model for Youth Soccer

"Central to the proposals are major changes to the way youth football is structured at grassroots level, including raising the minimum age for competitive leagues, extending the use of small-sided football and introducing 9-a-side football for the Under 11 age group."


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Basketball in America is what Soccer is to Brazil. Until we wipe away what parents make their kids do and take away all the poor coaches getting in the way of true development our country will lag behind in the beautiful game.

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This year sucked for me blogging but was the most epic year in English Football! Enjoy the video.

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I thought I would share this with you guys.  This is from my book Illustrated History of Football by Chris Nawrat & Steve Hutchings.

Due to recent events that have been happening around the English game; Luis Suarez in particular. 

We have come a long way since this event in history but we can go so much further to eradicate racism in the beautiful game.